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ProStocks introduces API integration with the launch of Star API. Star API is a set of simple Rest like HTTP APIs equipped with all the data required to build your own customized trading platforms to trade as per your convenience and enrich your trading experience.

With Star API, you get programmatic access to the data to place orders, manage the order book, enquire margins, access your positions and holdings, access to market live prices, and much more.

Star API Features:

  • Supports End to End trading cycle
    • With Star API, you can place and execute real-time orders using advanced order types, enquire order margin, view positions and holdings,access order history, and much more.
  • Assists Algo Trading
    • You can convert your trading ideas into trading strategies and shift to objective trading from emotional trading.
  • Languages supported
    • Star API is a Rest API. We have SDK for Dotnet , Python , Java , NodeJS , AmiBroker(Many more languages to be added soon).
  • API Types Offered
    • Trading API, Websocket API, Publisher API, and Historical API.
  • Exchanges and Segment Supported -NSE – Equity, F&O and Currency; BSE – Equity, F&O and Currency.